Giordano pipe

Domenico Giordano young workshop will start to experience as sawyer, becoming one of the best short-cutters rooted in the area. Unfortunately, the factory began to have problems, but for best sawyers facing new horizons in Liguria, an area also rich in briar. In the early 60s he moved to Liguria, where in 1967 he opened his sole proprietorship. To date, his work is characterized by the search for the best quality briar, which is located in the area and the nearby French Riviera for the entire working painstakingly to the choice of the best plates. The processing of root in Domenico Giordano' s laboratory really follows all the steps from the Start of the "log" that root still muddy heather trees. The raw root is chosen personally in certain regions of France, then is cut into pieces that respect the natural direction of the "flame" and the measures required by the factories and artisans who for years has been serving as Giordano.